Our Commercial Sealcoating Process

1. Barricade lot so vehicles can not enter.

2. Edge around entire surface area of parking lot to expose asphalt from vegetation.

3. Use power brooms and wire brushes to remove stubborn dirt from surface.

4. We then use power blowers to remove the loosened debris from asphalt surface.

5. Treat any oil spots with PrepSeal to insure proper adhesion of sealer.

6. Using hot rubber crack fill heated to 385 degrees we fill all cracking areas of parking lot.

7. Any heavily cracked areas are then troweled with GatorPave, (modified polymer sealer).

8. All edges and areas close to concrete and sensitive areas are hand brushed to insure a clean finish.

9. We spray one medium coat, wait for it to dry then spray a second heavy coat of asphalt emulsion sealer.

10. Using Sherwin Williams Acrylic traffic paint we stripe the lot with crisp straight lines.

Do you have a Parking Lot Striping or Sealcoating project coming up?

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